Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am lucky enough to be holding a Stamp day here in Wanganui in a little over a week, and have been madly designing, prepping and getting last minute bits and bobs done for the day.  Consequently, I have done very little designing of my own - not that I am complaining!  After all, I get to do what I love every day!!

My parents recently made a big life move and have relocated from a big city to a small country town.  Time to take stock, sit back and enjoy retirement.  Today, I took stock and made a card to welcome them to their new home.  Better late than never!  I have used a set called Good Neighbours.  It's an old, retired set, but one I couldn't part with and knew would come in handy one day!!

My parents house is white with a green roof and brown picket fence in front.  Do you think they will realise I have made the card to reflect their new home?


  1. Gorgeous, they will love it :-)

  2. Love the clean crisp look Paula and the layout is great! xxx

  3. What a great card ... and how could they not see this was a 'one of a kind' card especially for them. Hugs xxx

  4. What an adorable card! I am sure your parents will love it. Where is Wanganui ? I just started following you recently and I'm sorry I don't know where you are. Lovely blog...great cards!


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