Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Isn't it lovely to be reminded how long it has been since you blogged last, when you receive an email from half way round the world, asking if everything is ok!  Hi Diana - waving at YOU!!
  But seriously, I am good, just a little side tracked at the moment.  I am hoping to share with you exactly what I have been doing in the next week or so.  Make sure you stay tuned in to see!

In the meantime, here is a quick little clean and simple card I came up with yesterday.  Sometimes less is more!


  1. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for the HI in your above blog. The card is perfect for what you said, Half way round the world. Well the plane is coming my way with the HI. hahahhahahah How cool that you are so creative.
    I sure would like to meet you

    Take Care and I am happy to see you are doing well
    Diana from Wisconsin USA

  2. Very cool. See you at convention next week.

  3. What a great design! Sigh ... I wish I was going to convention ... if only to see some of my blog friends! Have a great time! Hugs xx


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