Monday, April 16, 2012


Another Birdie/brayer card for you today! I am once again, enjoying the use of my brayer!
This is another card which "just came together".  Thank goodness, because I made this for a neighbour who is particularly good with T.V's and satellite dishes!  When we moved house, nothing was working and I didn't want to attempt working with spaghetti junction behind the google box! Hence, the powerlines on the front of the card!

David came and spent a few hours getting signals and making sure the feeds to all rooms were working.  Thanks so much David for your know how and patience!

Of course, I had to do the inside in the same way and decorate the front of the envelope.

If you would like to learn to create cards like this, then contact me and I can show you how.  I hold Brayer/sponging classes at my own home, but I can also come to you when you get a group of friends together. Keep an eye on my "Classes & Events" page for any upcoming classes I will be holding.  All enquiries are welcome!


  1. great card Paula, I'm glad that you and your brayer are friends again :-) Debi x xxx

  2. You are on a roll, Paula! Sounds like your move has given you some lovely neighbours! Glad to hear it! Gorgeous card, Paula! Hugs xxx

  3. Paula..sigh..your brayering is just perfect! Can you come live in OZ so l can come to class..:0)

  4. So striking Paula & just perfect for the recipient. Love your use of the tree stamp sans swing! :)

  5. Another beautiful card! Love the finished corner of the envelope too! Keep up the great work. Glad to hear that the move went fairly smooth. You'll get all the little kinks ironed out in no time :) Hugs!

  6. Wow, you are too amazing!! Really love the birds on a wire theme you've got going!


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