Sunday, May 15, 2011


The last post I would like to share with you all is the gifts I made for my roomies:

 I have made bags for each of them with their own bag tags to secure them closed.

Inside each of these wee bags I have put:
1.  A pack of gum - to keep the breath fresh and hunger pains at bay while we craft.
2.  A note pad and matching pen - to take down the wealth of information we will invariably be given.
3.  A pack of tissues - for when we laugh so hard, we cry.
4.  A pack of sticking plasters - for the paper cuts we will probably get!
5.  TOFFEES - to keep up the energy, you understand!

I hope the girls liked them, as much as I enjoyed making them all.  As you read this, I am winging my way back to reality.  I hope to bring you lots of photo's from my trip soon!


  1. What lucky roomies you had, Paula - both to receive that AND share their room with you for the weekend. Hope you had a fabulous time. Look forward to all the news tomorrow!

  2. These are just Fab Paula- as Bron says lucky Roomies :-) looking forward to all the news too x

  3. What great ideas! LOL I can't wait to hear all the news when you get back.

  4. What a thoughtful gift you gave your roomies which I'm sure was appreciated. Sounds like everyone had lots of fun at convention :)

  5. I love the little added gel pen marks to the letters - very effective.

    Had the best time away with you guys and haven't laughed so hard for ages.

    I treasure my gift from you, Paula. You are such a sweetie. Hope you had a good flight.

    Might see you in JANUARY!!!!!!! ;)

  6. Dear Paula,
    Was sooo delightful to meet you!!!! I love your little gift you made for the ladies and appreciate the time I had getting to know you!
    Look forward to seeing some convention pic's soon!
    HUgs and love Sharnee :)

  7. Such a lovely touch! How thoughtful! I'm sure you all had a blast!! Can't wait to read all about it. (((Hugs)))

  8. These gifts were so much appreciated...I needed those tissues as we laughed so hard we cried a few times during Convention! It was so great to meet you in person Paula and enjoy the 'fresh air' with you! That tag is going to stay on my tote from Momento Mall, so I can think of all the fun we had at Convention every time I do a workshop!

  9. Gorgeous gifts for your gorgeous roomies; you are so clever, Paula. Love your creativity, and really enjoyed your company at Convention.

  10. Sigh ... wish I could have been there ... but sadly it just wasn't to be! I hope you had heaps of fun. Your goodies look delightful! HUgs xxaxx

  11. Wow Paula - these are awesome....Love them man - what great ideas. Beautiful colours too. I'm sure you have a fantastic time at Convention - I hope to see you there next year. Love Chantell x x

  12. I love learning new things even if it is just trivia that I don't really need to know. I have never heard the term "sticking plaster" before. I guess ever sine there was a "Band-aid" company here in the states we have called them band-aids no matter what other company makes them. Just like most people seem to call facial tissues Kleenex no matter which brand they buy.

    I'm going to try to remember this one for the next time my husband, who is always hurting himself when he's doing all of his "handy man chores" needs a bandage. I'll ask him if he needs a sticking plaster and see what he says! LOL!!

    And... what wonderful gifts for your roommates!!!!


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