Monday, January 10, 2011

The Summer Mini Catalogue has some beautiful new stamp sets available for purchase and one of them is this gorgeous wee set called "Aviary".  I actually held off getting this at first, even though I really liked it, but had to "cave" when I kept seeing so many gorgeous cards done with it.  Here is my first attempt at ink:

Gable Box

I would love to show you how to make this gorgeous set too!  Why not book a class for you and your friends?  You will get two hours of tutoring, the writtten tutorial to keep, not to mention this snazzy porject to give someone special (or keep for yourself!!).  Drop me  line!


  1. Paula, that's DIVINE! I love it! Your spritzing is awesome...

  2. Thanks Bron - I actually used a standard wheel "Sandy Speckles" to do the background. It's very effective, eh?!

  3. Lovely Paula! I thought you'd been spritzing too :o)

    Have to say I just caved and got this set myself thanks to all the gorgeous creations I'm seeing in blogland.

  4. Oh! I hadn't noticed that wheel stamp ... how weird! Perhaps I need to add it to my wish list ... cos this is a stunning effect! Unfortunately ... I haven't yet CAVED ... but boy I sure wish I could! Need to pay for last month's purchases before I buy any more! Hugs xxaxx

  5. Both gorgeous Paula! Love your card layout. :)


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