Friday, January 7, 2011


To have wonderful blogging friends such as Patrice and Tania! I love the award you have passed on to me Girls and would love to give it to friends who inspire me too!  But first, I have to tell you eight things about myself you may not know.  Hmmm, where to start?

1.  My sister and I share the same Birthday, but I am two years older - go Mum and Dad!
2.  I am seriously allergic to ironing!
3.  I am left handed, but play all ball sports with my right - go figure!
4.  I work as a Personal Assistant to an Accountant.
5.  I am seriously addicted to coffee!
6.  My favourite cake is BANANA - just so you know!
7.  I am the proud Senior Supervisor to five wonderful friends and very crafty ladies!
8.  I have just designed my first project for UStamp with Dawn and Friends and have been asked to join the Creative Crew!!

Okay, enough about me.  I now need to pass this award on to eight Bloggers who inspire me!  The first three are my own wonderful downline who have blogs:

1.  Debi Ryan
2.  Rhonda Imrie
3.  Julie Butler

The following bloggers I regularly visit and now is my chance to say thanks!  They are:

4.  Alison Lintern
5.  Bron Heslop
6.  Keryn Campbell
7.  Sharlene Meyer
8.  Diane Taylor

Be sure to go and check out their blogs and leave some comment love to let them know how fantastic they are!


  1. Thanks Paula for the lovely compliment.

  2. Congratulations on the Creative Crew!! :-)

  3. Thank you Paula - the feeling is mutual! :-)

  4. Oh wow, thanks so much Paula, I am honoured.

  5. Thanks so much Paula, I appreciate the thought. Love keeping an eye on what you do as it is so inspiring.

  6. Congrats on the new "permanent" gig! You truly deserve it! :D Hey ... my oldest 2 kids share the same birthday 2 years apart! And ... no. 3 is 5 days later! (Go me!!!) I also share the same b'day as my sis ... but we are twins!!!! (giggle!) Hugs xxaxx

  7. Totally flattered! Thanks heaps, Paula!


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