Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just a really quick post today showing some of the items that I was selling at the Christmas Craft Fairs I recently participated in.  Both were really successful and a lot of fun!  Enjoy!

 All sorts of Poop!  Reindeer poop, snowman poop, oh and a repair kit for Rudolph's long trip!

 Lots of tags for those all important gifts you are giving!

Stocking fillers for the kids!

And a little something to dress up your Christmas Table.

Not to mention cards for all occassions, tote bags and other goodies.  I am looking forward to a well earned break now :-)


  1. Oh WOW...you have been a very busy girl Paula! I love all your stall goodies so much. Your candles are especially beautiful...must try that technique some time.

    I have been making a bulk load of the snowman poop bags here....almost finished and ready to blog...FINALLY :-).

  2. Wowsers Paula! All your craft fair goodies are fantastic & all so beautifully presented. No doubt your stall was the most popular one there! Love the "Rudolphs" & all that poop! LOL :)

  3. These look great, lot of work but glad it was fun and successful.

  4. These look great, glad you had fun and were successful

  5. These are great Paula! I love Rudolph's emergency nose repair kit and the black and yallow jelly beans in the bee skinny bag is just too cute! I'm sure that you did well at the market :)

  6. Well done, all very cute items.

  7. Hi Paula, wow i love your gifts, the Rudolph's emergency repair kits is just so cute

  8. You definately need a break my friend with all that work! Lovely ideas and projects Paula! Ill bet they sold well too!

  9. These are far too cute Paula, all of them, I am glad that your stall went well, they all look fabulous.

  10. Now these are just so darn cute! Love those poop bags! You are one clever girl, Paula ... and I am sure your stall was a "go to" for everyone. I bet they were clamouring for all that you had to share! Hugs xxaxx

  11. How much did the little kits at the top sell for? I am thinking of making them for a charity craft sale. Thanks. :) They are all cute!!

    1. I am sorry, I honestly can't remember. This was five years ago.


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