Friday, September 24, 2010


I just LOVE the Owl punch at the moment, although I have yet to share any of my projects with you!  That is coming, I promise.  BUT, there is one small problem.  Actually, make that two!  The wee pupils of the owl are so tiny to pick up!  I have seen on a couple of overseas sites, a handy little tool that looks like a pen, but is sticky on the end.  It allows you to pick up those niggling little pieces!  I don't know what it is called or where to get one, but it did get me thinking.  I decided to make a home made version and I would like to share it with you, my friends!


Tombow Multi Glue and a wooden skewer.

Card Stock and Owl Punch

Put a drop of glue on the end of your skewer and leave it to dry.  

 Because Tombow is repositional when dry, this will enable you to pick up those pesky little pieces.

I put another drop of glue on the "pupil" once I have picked it up with my skewer and stick down on my project using the end of a pair of tweezers to "detach" the "pupil" from the end of my skewer!

I hope you find this tutorial really handy!  Let me know what you think, your thoughts are always welcome!


  1. very cool idea and will save many the frustration of picking up those little pieces!

  2. Awesome idea, thankyou Paula. I'm off to put a drop of Tombow on a skewer! :-)

  3. Definitely KIWI ingenuity!!! Must remember this for when I buy the owl punch! Hugs xxaxx
    PS Congrats for winning a FREE PASS to INKspirations 4 U!!!

  4. What a brillant idea.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. well well well that is a cool idea!! much better than a glue dot on the end of a awl! lol THANKS HEAPS!!!

  6. Here's another idea for pesky bits n pieces....a wee bit of blu-tac on the end of a toothpick (similar to your idea) but wks a treat with 1/2 pearls and fiddly bits of punch art!!!

  7. Awesome, Ive been looking for one of these sticky dot thingies too. Will make my own now. Thanks

  8. Hi Paula, thanks a lot for sharing this! I gave it a try and I'm so excited. It works great and I love my little stick (I use toothpicks).

    The thing you searched for is called QuickStick and is from Quickutz. In my opinion it doesn't work as half as good as yours.

    Greetings from Germany
    Gisela aka maedi

  9. You can make homemade glue dots with Tombow too. Just put drops of Tombow glue on wax choose the size...and let it dry!

  10. Good Idea. I have made the glue dots.

  11. I discovered this by pure accident, when glue dried on the end of my skewer and I couldn't get it off! I use a bamboo skewer and leave the point on. You're brilliant!

  12. Necessity is the mother of invention - old saying but remains true!


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