Monday, May 10, 2010


I taught a class in the weekend on flower embellishments and just had to show you one of the projects my ladies made with the embellishments they learnt.  It is called a "Flower Pot" card (don't know why!,lol).  This was the first one I have ever made and yet I have seen many gorgeous examples on the net.  I was pleased with how my first attempt turned out!

The flowers have now been done by so many people, that I have no idea who actually came up with the originals, but THANK YOU, whoever you are!

The Carnations were made with 8 layers of tissue paper and once put together I dragged them through an ink pad to get the variegation effect going on.  The Pansies were punched with the Butterfly Punch (which you can still purchase at $39.95) on watercolor paper, then I used my Aqua Painter to fill in the colour.  Watercolour paper works so well for soaking up ink as it acts like a sponge.  Once you know how to make these little beauties, you really have no excuse to buy embellishments when you can make your own.  If you couldn't make this class, but would like to know how to make these flowers, I am happy to bring the class to you!  Just email your interest and I will give you more details!


  1. Gorgeous Paula. I gave my MIL a card using the butterfly punch pansies and was told it's my best one yet. They are such an pretty thing to make aren't they and isn't it great to get a different use for a butterfly punch.

  2. Love the combination of Carnations and Pansies. Did you punch the carnations from the tissue? I will be back to have a good look. I'd really like to try these gorgeous flowers! (Have already done the pansies! Aren't they fun!) Hugs xxAxx


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