Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After all the glitz and glamor I have enjoyed over the last week, reality has hit with a bang.  I had a call this morning asking for a Sympathy Card to be made for a friend.

These are the hardest kinds of cards to do.  I got my thinking cap on and came up with this card.  Even though it is for a sad occasion, I am really pleased with it.  I think it strikes the right cord, but still looks amazing.  Can't get one of these in your ordinary card shop!

On a happier note, I see the Convention returning Demos are posting a host of pictures on the net for you all to oogle!  I am going to keep it short and sweet.  Here are a couple of highlights for me:

Bonnie Thurber is the Director of Demonstrator Training.  She is incredibly talented and hugely funny!  The poor women had to do a presentation to the entire gallery of Demo's with laryngitis!  She pretty much had to whisper her whole presentation.  Poor woman!
We had a lot of training both as lectures and demonstrations.  Here is Jacque Pedersen (Auckland) running through her presentation.  I don't know how she kept so calm, not only in front of a few hundred Demo's but also with the cameraman hanging over her shoulder!  All the presenters were fantastic!

Jacque is also my Up-line.  I live in Wellington and Jacque in Auckland, so it was fantastic to finally spend some fun and crafty time together!  Jacque was also the 2010 Top New Zealand Demonstrator of the Year.  Congratulations Jacque - we were all very proud of you!!
I also got to meet many of my team members, who I know well Cyberly, but had never met in person!  It was great meeting you all and I can't wait til June to catch up in Auckland with you all again!  We were so lucky and received so many goodies at Convention.  Karen Rogers and Sally Williams are grinning from ear to ear over the stamp sets they won!!


  1. Beautiful card, Paula. Sorry you had a sad reason to make it, but I love it.

  2. I'm so jealous that you got to go to convention.

    Maybe next year for me.

  3. Wow! Paula! You have sold me on this set. Don't have it yet ... but after seeing this card ... have added it to my wish list! This is gorgeous! So sad that we met at convention ... and didn't even realise it! But ... I am glad that I managed to nab a swap! It is lovely! Perhaps I will see you in Melbourne? Is that feasible for all the NZ demos??? I worked out ... if it is going to cost hhhmmm $1000 ... then we just need to put all our gold coin aside each week ... $10 of gold coin will make $500 ... so then we just need to come up with the extra $500. Seems so much more reachable! Have you started saving? Hugs xxAxx

  4. Gorgeous card as usual Paula!! And, great to meet you and to put a face to the name. Love you're new look blog too!! I'm still in Sydney so haven't got back to reality yet...:)

  5. finally doing some blog hopping - your sympathy card is very soothing & it was lovely to meet the oh so young & bubbly Paula IRL

  6. Oh so elegant Paula! All those ordinary card shop owners should be lining up to buy these from you.


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