Tuesday, November 17, 2009


And no, I am not throwing a paddy!!

Since joining SU in August I have learnt so many wonderful techniques like Masking and Sponging.  Using those techniques I created this card like this:

1. Stamp the skaters on your card stock.
2. Stamp them again on a scrap peice of paper and add repositional adhesive.  Lay this over your original image.
3. Stamp your Trees directly over the cut out.  Leave the cut out in place.
4. Cut a peice of paper to form the edge of the ice.  Sponge you "grass" directly over your layered image up to the tree line.  Sponge your "sky".
5.  Using the opposite piece of your cut piece of paper, lay over your sponged grass, and sponge the "ice".
6.  Remove all of your layered pieces of paper, colour in the original skaters image and you are done.  How easy is that!!


  1. Fantastic Paula!! This is absolutely gorgeous.. going to go have a play with this now today. :-)

  2. Hi Paula, can we have a technique training class using this? It's awesome.


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