Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gift with a Twist!

Well, its not really a gift with a twist, more like a twist in the gift!!  This super little container is called a "Sour Cream" container, although heaven knows why!!  I made this in about 5 minutes flat - fast and super easy.  This would make a great party favour or wedding favour.  If you would to know how to make it, contact me to book a workshop, get a few friends together and I will show you all how easy and super quick it is to make.


  1. It's lovely Paula. Love the colours you have used!! :)

  2. Oh, so THAT's a 'sour cream' container! I did wonder when I saw it written somewhere else.
    It looks fabulous, Paula! I love the colours, too. :-)

  3. These are so cute and easy aren't they.

    Just so you know, they are called a sour cream container because in the US when you order sour cream with your fast food, the come in little packets that look exactly like these! Now does it make more sense??



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