Thursday, May 22, 2014


One of the joys of the Stampin' Up! South Pacific Convention is swapping card designs with fellow demonstrators from New Zealand and Australia.  The card designs can be quite simple or really elaborate, you never know what you are going to get.

This is the first of two designs I made for this convention.  I include a card recipe so the recipient knows what products I used and I have also included a brief tutorial on how I achieved the background look.  If you make ten swaps, you will receive ten different swaps in return. This is a great way to  end up with samples of product you may not have yourself.  It means I don't need to buy everything in the catalogue!

 If you belong to my Techniques Class in Wellington, Levin or Wanganui, then you will also learn how I did this!


  1. Paula, this is stunning! I would love to know how you made this and I would be very happy to pay for the tutorial, since I live in Arizona USA. Lovely !

  2. I too would love the instruction for this==it is gorgeous~~~Thanks

  3. paula, this is just gorgeous!! but i live in NY and sadly can't attend your class to learn how to make this stunner. is there another way i could receive the instructions? thanks so much!

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I have a tutorial on the agenda, but my focus has been on my Mum, who recently spent time in hospital. I will be putting the tutorial on my blog, once I have created it, so just watch this space.

  5. Paula, this colour technique looks absolutely gorgeous! It's like the sun shining in and creating some bright bits along with some shadows. Love it x


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