Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I recently join a site raising money for a little girl that needs a lot of help - We Stamp for Lara.  This site was offrring some wonderful tutorials for a small fee, which is being used to get Lara the specialised equiptment she desperately needs.  One of the tutorials I was lucky enough to get is a Christmas Banner - with a difference!  Made on a ribbon, these medallions look so great and you could totally coordinate your Christmas colours if you were going with a theme.

I have stuck to traditional and simple, but love the overall effect!  I have it hanging at my front door (becuase there is nowhere else to put it for now) and the comments I have received about it have been truly wonderful.  Once you have the medallions made it comes together so quickly.  I think this would also make a lovely gift to give a friend to dress up their doors!


  1. A real eye catcher, looks lovely Paula.

  2. Fantastic gift for someone, so lovely with the wide SU ribbon

  3. Oooh, Paula - I love this! How lovely at your front door. Divine!

  4. Very pretty, Paula! And ... I'm sure it looks gorgeous hanging near your door. Dec 1 (decorating the tree day) is almost here! I can't believe it!!! Hugs xxaxx


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