Sunday, December 13, 2009


I had a fab afternoon with my Monday class ladies the other day.  It was the last class for the year (and yes, ladies, we will do it all again in 2010!) and I wanted to make it a bit special.  I had a request for the Emboss resist technique and that is exactly what we did on the card.

I decided to add a wee surprise by getting them to make a christmas cracker to go with it!  Of course, that meant they needed Chocolate to go in them as well!  I have to admit, they all resisted temptation and the chocies actually did make it in to all the crackers we made that day!!  Hehehe.

This was all great practise for me, as I am making the Crackers for the family Christmas table this year.  I had ten to make.  My husband and I had great fun trying to find gifts (personal for each person) that were small enough to fit inside!!  I have just to put the finishing touches on the last two and I am done.  Check back for a photo of them all completed!


  1. beautiful as usual Paula, this is just lovely!

  2. gorgeous card and cracker Paula! The card is just beautiful!!


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